5 Reasons to change the bath into a shower plate

5 Reasons to change the bath into a shower plate

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When you want to refurb the bath, the dichotomy comes between choosing the bath of the whole life or a simple shower plate. It is true that the possibility of being able to enjoy a relaxing bath is very seducer but, how many people finally do it? Sincerely very few and not very often. The shower plate wins followers, principally for 5 reasons:


According to the statistics, almost 70 % of the domestic accidents is in the bath on having tried to enter or to go out, or on having slipped inside. The height of the shores does that a slide or stumble is much more dangerous on having been able to throb with the head or other parts of our body. With the new shower plates, the access is much surer and you do not have to do maneuvers to enter.




The shower plates are  smaller than the baths, normally with the half of space is enough. This does that almost involuntarily any type of bath, bigger or smaller, gains space. Therefore if you have a small bathroom it is better to install a shower plate, since it can be so small or big almost as you want, unlike the bath (we are not going to have a bath of 70 cm x 70 cm, is absurd. In addition, nowadays you can do your made-to-measure shower plate and of the material that better seems to you (ceramics, acrylic or all kinds of textures)




Any opportunity to be efficient with the use of the water, must be a welcome. It thinks that a 5 minutes shower needs between 85 and 95 liters of water, whereas in a bath more than 200 liters become exhausted. Also to install a prayer of efficient shower (exists from 40 Euros), helps to save water.



Saving water not only you help to the environment, but also to your pocket. With the shower you save almost 50 % in it waters down more than if you were bathing. All sound advantages.


Today there are incredible designs of shower. Its elegants, sophisticated and current aspect, do the shower plates the best option for the bathroom. There are shower plates with screens or without screens, with columns of hydromassage, with chair inside the shower and without, with several sprayers or with one. The water jets come much better in the showers, already prepared to receive them being standing up, powerful, rapid and relaxing.


The advantages of the shower plate are great, and always we will be able to enjoy this relaxing bath that we do once a year, in some nice weekend hotel. So … bath out, welcome shower plate!


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