How much does it costs to renovate an apartment in Barcelona

How much does it costs to renovate an apartment in Barcelona

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When you carry out a complete reform of an apartment, you must ensure that you obtain the corresponding planning permission.

The license is awarded by the Barcelona City Council. In this link you can obtain the building the planning permission for apartment renovations that do NOT require a change of interior distribution, that is, in those cases in which walls are NOT thrown away.

When you are not sure about the works to be carried out, the ideal is to contact an architect to carry out the project. 

The average price of a flat renovation in Barcelona varies substantially depending on multiple variables. 

In the case of a medium-sized apartment, of about 70 m², a comprehensive reform can range between €20,000 and €60,000, depending on whether the interior walls have to be modified, whether the exterior carpentry, the electrical system, whether there is or is not gotelé on the walls, if the house has wooden beams,…, in addition to the quality of the selected materials.

From A. Barcelona Reformas, we will try to help you know in advance how much the reform of your home could cost. 

The budget includes a wide series of items, which in the case of renovating a complete 70 m² apartment, would have the following costs:

Permissions and licences: 

-Assabentat of works. ONLY for reforms in which walls are not thrown. This permit is free and can be obtained from the Barcelona City Council website at this link

-Building permit when the demolition of partitions is necessary. On average, it can amount to around €3,000-3,500 between the architect’s fees, the visa and the City Council fees.


This section includes the removal and debris removal of coatings, flooring, kitchen furniture, toilets, wiring, pipes, carpentry, etc. If there is no demolition of partitions, it can be around €1,800 but, if there is demolition of partitions, it can easily amount to about €3,000

Masonry works: 

It includes coatings, pavements, formation of new partition walls, plastering of walls, false ceilings, etc. Without partition demolitions, it can cost around €4,000-4,500, but with a change in the layout of the home, it can easily exceed €10,000, depending on the work to be carried out. In addition, you have to add if you have to remove the paper, or the gotelé from the walls, which would mean about €2,400 more.

Plumbing works: 

Its cost will depend on whether it is necessary to introduce modifications, if they are partial or, on the contrary, it is a total renovation. The complete change of the plumbing system, including the toilets, the shower screen, the furniture and the taps, ranges between €4,000 and €6,000.

Electrical works: 

Its cost will depend, as in the case of plumbing, on the modifications that are required. For a house of about 70m2, the complete renovation usually ranges between €3,500-4,500. 

Gas works: 

A complete installation including boiler, radiators, embedded piping system, thermostat, etc., is usually around €4,200 

Interior carpentry work: 

A solid white lacquered door, currently around €400 already installed. If we assume that a 70m2 apartment has 6 doors, the price would be €2,400.

Exterior carpentry work: 

Perhaps this is the item that involves the greatest variation, depending on the number of windows, balcony doors and doors, existing in the house, in addition to the multitude of qualities. An average price for a flat with these characteristics would be around €3,500.


The furniture for a kitchen of about 8m² can cost around €4,500-€5,000 and Balay appliances (hood, vitro and oven), about €800.

Painting works: 

This is easier to calculate, and represents about €1,500. 


The average price of a 3,000 Fridge air conditioner is around €1,000, but if we go for a ducted air conditioning system for cooling the entire house, it can shoot up to €6,000

In conclusion, a price cannot be given for how much it would cost to renovate an apartment in Barcelona, until a professional visits said home and knows both the state of the apartment and the needs of the client, but a prior guiding idea, if can give and, that is what we have tried with this article. 

At A. Barcelona Reformas, we also have a price simulator that works very well, but ONLY in cases where the distribution of the home is NOT modified.

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