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How to reform an apartment for a person with limited mobility

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How to reform an apartment for a person with limited mobility

The persons who have to move in wheelchair have a few specific needs at the moment of being able to move with comfort in their own housing.

Today we deal with the process of reform that there would be necessary to carry out in an apartment in which someone lives with limited mobility. The above mentioned apartment will have to be conditioned in order that it could be used without problems by this person and to adapt a series of elements that provide to him a minimum of comfort.

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What are the main elements that must be changed in a home to suit a person with reduced mobility?

▪ First it is fundamental to check the doors. The minimal width must be 80 cm, when the normal thing is that scarcely it exceeds 70 cm.

▪ The draft of the door will have to to be able to be realized towards the biggest space to be able like that to operate the own chair. The better thing would be to place sliding doors. At present there exist designs that hide themselves inside the partition in spite of just realizing a small work of masonry, and the results are more than excellent.

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▪ Later we will proceed to the reform of the bathroom, changing the bath into an adapted shower and eliminating the sanitary unnecessary devices in order that there stays sufficient space in which to realize a theoretical circumference of 1,50 m. Of diameter. It is suitable to install a wash basin without pedestal, which allows a comfortable approximation of the person. In addition it is indispensable to place the corresponding accessories, as graspers and points of support in order that the disabled person could use the bathroom elements.

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▪ Finally, we will modify the position of some elements of the electrical installation and telecommunications. We will have to pay attention to the suitable location of the control panel. Also to that of the intercom and in case it is a question of more ancient buildings, we will have to check the mechanisms that they find to an inadequate height, in order that they could be operated from the height of a wheelchair.

This apartment reformed and furnished adequately, it will provide the sufficient comfort to a person in wheelchair. With a correct rehabilitation, a house in which someone lives with limited mobility will be able to feel to taste and to move of autonomous form without finding reefs to every step. In Barcelona Reformas we have exact budgets to every need. Before undertaking the rehabilitation of your house, come and consult us.

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