How to Refurbish a House With Cheap Tricks

How to Refurbish a House With Cheap Tricks

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If you’ve got big ideas and a small budget, learn how to furbish a house with cheap tricks. Invest time in learning new skills rather than money in paying a pro to produce the results you desire while growing your DIY abilities. The key to making cheap tricks work in your renovation is taking on small jobs that make a big impact. Prioritizing your home’s needs and waiting to take on big projects until you gain the skills or the money to do them right ensures that your refurbish will result in your dream home, one project at a time.

1-Paint the interior walls. Test color options by painting samples on the walls. Choose colors that add warmth, dynamism and energy, such as cream, gold and red, or those that have a calming effect, such as blue, gray and white. Evaluate options in various natural and artificial light conditions. Include the ceiling for additional impact. Paint only the molding if you have limited time or a very limited budget. Strip the paint with a rotary tool and a wire brush attachment for professional painting results. Install and paint chair rail molding in living and dining areas for additional low-cost impact.

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2-Fix up your furniture. Empty each room entirely of all furniture and accessories. Decide what pieces are vital to each room. Evaluate that furniture’s upholstery and finishes. Reupholster and refinish any pieces that look tired or overly worn. Do not fix up unnecessary items or those that you do not love. Keep an eye out for new items to fix up to replace those that you permanently remove, or leave the room as-is for a calm, revived feeling.

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3-Spruce up small accessories that you use on a daily basis. Recover lampshades with vibrant paper or patterned fabric. Spray-paint inexpensive picture frames a bold shade of red. Cover light-switch plates with samples of wallpaper. Add throw pillows to couches and armchairs. Add colorful, contrasting blankets to the foot of the bed. Roll up dull accent carpeting and replace it with blank canvas, hemmed at the edges, for a clean, modern effect. Toss old linens, such as bed linens, napkins and towels, and replace them with new ones.

4-Fix all of the small things that are broken. Repair the gutters. Fix the latch on the kitchen cabinet. Patch the nail holes in the wall. Put a new handle on the bathroom door. Completing small jobs that are easy to delay can be a huge relief, with as much emotional impact as a complete gut job. Let completing these small jobs motivate you to take on larger, more intensive projects as time and money allow.


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